Welcome to the uDig 1.2 Release Candidate 2. Out goals for the uDig 1.2 series have been met and we are pleased to offer this release to the community.

This release is made in conjunction with GeoTools 2.6.3.


Download the package appropriate to your platform, unzip and run:

Windows and Linux packages includes a Java Runtime so you really can unzip and run without making any configuration changes to your Machine. On Mac OSX uDig is able to check for Java Advanced Imaging and install if needed.

To get started with uDig:

About uDig 1.2 Series

The uDig 1.2 series highlights a lot really great ideas the developer community has been working on. We have migrated to a modern version of the GeoTools library - bringing in five years of new developments in standard support, and a host of new raster and vector formats. An exciting addition is the use of the ImageIO-ext project allowing the use of raster formats supported by GDAL.

New and capabilities of uDig 1.2 include:

About uDig 1.2 Release Candidate 2

This release patches up the jre used for the linux distribution and fixes a couple of issues that were spotted by the community with the first release candidate - including fixing Drag and Drop from the latest firefox on windows.


  • [UDIG-1506] - Pan and Zoom causes vertexes to be slightly displaced when editing
  • [UDIG-1529] - Displaying deleted layer feature
  • [UDIG-1600] - FireFox 3.5 DnD
  • [UDIG-1615] - Create Polygon Tool Validation Broken
  • [UDIG-1625] - WFS layer exported as shapefile missing geometry
  • [UDIG-1626] - Printing NPE

Known problems: