This release is the result of an amazing week long code sprint held at Hydrologis in Italy supplimented by developers all over the world. A special thanks to the participating organizations: Axios, Camptocamp, Fraunhofer IAIS, HydroloGIS and LISAsoft.


Installation Notes: Download the package appropriate to your platform and unzip

uDig includes a Java Runtime so you really can unzip and run.

About uDig 1.2 Milestone 6

This release features:

Here are some example of some of the enchancements: All in all 41 issues have been addressed for this release - for more information check the release notes from our issue tracker.

This release contains a custom JRE including Java Advanced Imaging and support for additional spatial formats. We are missing two - MRSID for linux64 and ECW for Mac and are accepting volunteers on the udig-devel list.

About uDig 1.2

The uDig 1.2 series highlights a lot really great ideas the developer community has been playing with. We have upgraded the version of the GeoTools library we use - bringing give years of new developments in standard support, and a host of new raster and vector formats. An exciting addition is the use of the ImageIO-ext project allowing the use of raster formats supported by GDAL.

New and experimental capabilities of uDig 1.2 include:

This tech-preview is made available for your testing pleasure; please contribute bug reports and feedback! This milestone is a suitable baseline for your own development efforts.