We are pleased to make a sneak peak of uDig 1.2 functionality available for people to try out. This is a "milestone" release and is not intended for serious use; indeed the splash screen says "trunk" in big large letters to remind you this is a production release.

The uDig 1.2 series highlights a lot really great ideas the developer community has been playing with. You can try out ideas like tiled rendering (for flicker free panning), web Processing Service support and many others. We have upgraded the version of the GeoTools library we use - bringing four years of new developments in standard support, and a host of new raster and vector formats. A very exciting addition here is the use of the ImageIO-ext project that allows the use of GDAL supported image formats.

New and experimental capabilities of uDig 1.2 include:

This preview is made available in order to test prior to a code sprint planned for Jan 16 and 17th 2009.